Does Underwear Go There?
Now that he’s a big boy and ready for underwear, a brother and his sister wonder what do you do with it? Do you hang it on the wall? Do you put it on your head? When it’s time to start potty training, this delightful, rhyming read-aloud story helps little ones learn exactly where underwear goes! ORDER NOW




T-Rex Roars No More
T-Rex is loud and destructive, and isn’t very nice to the other dinosaurs. One day T-Rex loses his roar…and finds out how it feels to be teased. T-Rex Roars No More is a great lesson on how to treat others. With colorful pictures and rhyming verse, T-Rex Roars No More is an engaging read aloud story. ORDER NOW




The Homemade Mermaid
Hannah loves to swim and often wonders how it would feel to have a swishy tail. In this frolicky rhyming read-aloud story, she finds a way to make her wish come true…and she makes some new sea friends, too. ORDER NOW





Chuck the Wrong Way Duck
When he’s soaring in the sky, Chuck  loves to look down at the world below. On his way to his winter home, Chuck looks everywhere but straight ahead…and suddenly discovers he’s no longer with his friends. Chuck the Wrong-Way Duck is a delightful read aloud book that teaches a valuable lesson about finding your way. ORDER NOW



 Lila Is a Silly Dog
Follow Lila, a lovable standard poodle, through her day’s adventures in this fun read aloud story that introduces jaunty adjectives through rhyming verse. ORDER NOW