Lisa Osiecki, Author
Pleasant Ridge, Michigan

Luckily, I came along before TVLand and video games. That meant I had to “FIND THINGS TO DO.” Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? As I recall, those are the first books that I couldn’t put down or get enough of. I was either lounging in the hammock zigzagging from cover to cover (and then again), or sneaking in a few extra stories with my trusty flashlight under the covers. I was THAT KID. I love books – I have always loved books! Likely a passion I picked up from my mom, who snuggled down on the couch with her favorite authors every night. Despite my obvious appreciation of reading, it never occurred to me that I had a story to tell. This fact is probably even more surprising since I received not one, but two degrees in professional writing. I read for pleasure, I write for business. Or so I thought. Then a dog entered my life, followed by two boys. After reading to them several books in a sitting day after day, it’s pretty obvious what came next. You guessed it…my first children’s book…about my dog…no crazy plot twist there! More stories followed, including one about a wayward duck that gets distracted during migration, another about a T-Rex bully who learns to be nice, and a young girl who becomes a mermaid. And more keep coming! I love writing rhyming read-aloud books, and hope that these books and characters are well-loved by children and adults alike. There’s nothing like piling in bed together for storytime!

Loretta Bradfield, Illustrator
White Lake, Michigan

I grew up in Ypsilanti, Michigan and now reside in White Lake with my husband. I began illustrating and writing after high school, inspired by two additions to my family – Clydesdale horses. I fell in love with their personalities, and developed a comic strip completely based on the comedic-like attitude of my horse, Abe. The comic eventually turned into a book, Working Spots. It quickly turned into a full-time career, writing and illustrating my own books, and being commissioned to illustrate for other authors. In addition to illustrating picture books, I also write a series for young readers – the “TAMING” books, which includes Taming the Feared, Keeping the Peace, and a third story yet to be published called Finding The Truth.

I love story telling, drawing, and finding the humor in an everyday situation. And I love to teach children. So, to help promote the works of all the incredibly talented authors in Michigan and to support the aspirations of young readers, writers, and artists, I co-founded Bookfield Creative Minds and Moore Publishing of Michigan with my writing partner, Lisa Osiecki.