Fan Mail

“Being boys, my kids loved T-Rex Roars No More. It teaches kids even the mightiest of dinosaurs should respect and be nice to the smaller dinosaurs, and has a great anti-bullying message.”
- Chay, father of three

“Lisa Osiecki’s books include clever language, endearing characters, and charming illustrations by Loretta Bradfield. Their books are sure to delight children and adults.”
- Anne, librarian and mother of two

“The rhyming stories and vibrant illustrations are engaging, and I love the educational aspect. Not only do the books feature expressive language, but Lisa also imparts key learning messages, such as kindness and resourcefulness.”
- Ryan, Ph.D. and mother of three

“I love Chuck the Wrong Way Duck! It’s just such a cute story, and so much fun to read!”
- Heather, nanny to two children

“Is there another book about Lila? I want to read another story about her!”
- Ella, age 5

“I love that the girl turns into a mermaid and has a sparkly tail!”
- Siena, age 4